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Melissa - About Me

Welcome to Hangry Hauser!

I’m Melissa, wife to Aaron and mama to Drake, Emma & Brody in Denver, Colorado.
I love all things health, nutrition and fitness, but it wasn’t always this way. I used to consider buying a boxed mix and adding a few ingredients to it as “homemade” and “cooking from scratch”. LOL
About 5 years ago some of my lifetime health problems (asthma, anxiety, chronic migraines & chronic fatigue syndrome) came to the surface and I realized that I had more control over them than I previously thought. I started experimenting with nutrition and different ways of eating and discovered that I could re-write my medical history, so that’s exactly what I did. I don’t follow the rules for any one eating style (I make my own rules based on what works for me and my family), but you’ll find us eating (and me sharing) mostly gluten & grain free (ish) dishes, desserts & treats.
Changing the way I ate was one thing, but after my son struggled with digestion and health issues for 5 years, we landed ourselves in the ER and I knew that we had to make a big change as a family, for his health. That was the turning point for when I really dug in and started experimenting in the kitchen. I never wanted my son to feel left out because he couldn’t eat all the fun things that other’s were eating and enjoying. I made it my mission to create the best desserts and treats and fell in love with baking, cooking and creating a healthier lifestyle for my entire family along the way.
Several years later and here I am, ready to share and show you that eating better doesn’t mean eating boring and bland. I don’t eat perfect, my family doesn’t eat perfect, but I have found the perfect balance for us. Thanks for stopping by!